The year is 2098,

And up in a skyscraper,

Above a world of climate hate,

Lived a young girl,

She lived in her own mind,

Thinking about the history of mankind,

One day she found a book,

She opened it up and had a look.

The pages were filled with creatures of all kind,

Candyfloss coloured birds,

A ginormous cat with orange and black stripes,

A white teddy bear glowing in the night

A slivering worm wrapped around a log,

A big hairy human swinging from tree to tree.

A massive bathtub covering the globe,

Miles and miles of giant broccoli,

Sandpits big enough for a generation of children,

The girl looked out her window,

And for miles all she could see,

Were grey towers,

Under grey skies,

On top of grey ground,

Grey, Grey, Grey.

What had happened,

The young girl thought,

To the planet of adventures,

Waiting to be explored?

Where did they go?

Why had they gone?

She was upset,

Because mankind is a curious type,

How she would have loved,

To see them with her own eyes,

How she would have loved,

 To have gone and explored,

A world we take for granted, live on every day,

How can we change this?

So, the future isn’t so grey?