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He’s a trickster, a player, a jester. His handshake’s like a pact with the devil, his smile like a crack in the clouds; he’s watching you now and he’s gone when you turn. Tyll Ulenspiegel is here!

When citizens become the playthings of politics and puppetry, Tyll, in his demonic grace and thirst for freedom, is the very spirit of rebellion – a cork in water, a laugh in the dark, a hero for all time.

The next Zoom meeting of the Litfest International Fiction Book Club will be on Monday 15 February at 6.30pm. Our February choice is Tyll by Daniel Kehlman, which was shortlisted for the Booker International Prize 2020. It is translated from the German by Ross Benjamin and is published in paperback and eBook by Quercus.

 ‘A work of imaginative grandeur and complete artistic control’ Ian McEwan

Kehlmann’s imagination runs deep and wild. It travels with the currents of history, in its cycles of brutality and violence, it reaches into our own solitude and silence, summoning us, it soars far and high, and echoes with the power of myth’  Valeria Luiselli

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About the Book Club

Every month the Litfest International Book Club meets to discuss some of the best works of contemporary fiction in translation, creating a series of friendly sessions with the aim of discovering what’s new and exciting in international literature. And we will make a point of choosing paperback books that are easy to find in libraries and bookshops.


Transcripts of previous meetings, including any discussions with writers, translators, editors and prize judges will be made available for all to read online.

Due to the current situation, meetings of the Litfest International Fiction Book Club are held online.  If you would like to join us virtually by Zoom, please email Bill Swainson ( who will send you the joining details for each meeting.