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‘A huge, comic novel… mythological but also cheerfully disenchanted; political and playful; cartoonish but also epical… the African novel may well have delivered its greatest masterpiece’  Brian Morton, Sunday Herald

‘Realism is not the chosen weapon in a novel whose absurdist, scatological satire is reminiscent of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu plays, or Carlos Fuentes’s novelistic skewering of Mexico’s Machiavellis in The Eagle’s Throne. As the supreme kleptocrat (“A loot-a continua”) lays hubristic plans for Africa’s tallest skyscraper, sycophants jockey around him’
Maya Jaggi, Guardian

The next meeting of the Litfest International Fiction Book Club will be on Monday 16 August at 6.30pm. Our August choice is Wizard of the Crow by the Kenyan novelist Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, translated from the Gikuyu by the author and published by Harvill-Secker in hardback and Vintage in paperback and eBook. To join, email Bill Swainson at

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o (c) Daniel Anderson-UnivComm

About the Book Club

Every month the Litfest International Book Club meets to discuss some of the best works of contemporary fiction in translation, creating a series of friendly sessions with the aim of discovering what’s new and exciting in international literature. And we make a point of choosing books that are available in paperback and eBook so they are easy to find in libraries and bookshops.


Transcripts of our discussions with writers, translators, editors and prize judges from April 2021 to February 2021 are available to read online, and the video recording of the March 2021 Litfest event with Andrey Kurkov is available via our website and YouTube channel.  From April 2021 each book will be introduced by the translator, author or editor in a short video.

Due to the current situation, meetings of the Litfest International Fiction Book Club are held online.  If you would like to join us virtually by Zoom, please email Bill Swainson ( who will send you the joining details for each meeting.