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How We Live Now – Film Premiere

Thursday 18th March 7:30pm

For our fourth big project and as a counterpoint to our investigation of possible global futures in ‘How We Live Next’, Litfest commissioned a selection of the films exploring ‘How We Live Now’ in Lancaster and the surrounding area. These films will take a look at the lives of members of our local community during a turbulent year.

The films explore themes of environmental concern, social justice, health, business, migration, and the arts. Through these brief insights, we explore what modern life is like for six individuals who have had to respond or adapt to one of our nation’s toughest years in recent memory.
Join us for the premiere, and walk in the shoes of those who have helped to keep Lancaster and Morecambe alive during 2020.

Kyle McKenzie is an emerging Lancaster-based filmmaker and producer, and the director of the ‘How We Live Now’ series of films. Kyle, after completing his undergraduate degree in Film Studies at Lancaster University, has begun work as a freelance videographer in the local area. His work with various community arts and youth organisations gave him ideal experience to be the driving force behind this project that celebrates local voices.

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18 Mar 2021


7:30 pm

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