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Fiction and Landscape: James Clarke & Sarah Moss

Saturday 20th March 11:00am

Two very different voices steeped in locality read from their latest work and discuss the impact of landscape on fiction.

Welcome to James Clarke’s Hollow in the Land – from its neglected high streets to the iso-lated wilderness of the surrounding moors, this Lancashire valley bursts with unforgettable characters, minor intrigues and all the rich strangeness of life in England today.

Welcome, too, to Sarah Moss’s Summerwater – set in the Scottish Highlands and told over 24 hours, this devastating story is a searing exploration of our capacity for both kinship and cruelty in these divided times.

James Clarke grew up in the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. His debut novel The Litten Path was written while studying at the Manchester Writing School, and went on to win the Betty Trask Prize. He lives in Manchester where he is working on his third novel.

Sarah Moss was born in Glasgow and grew up in Manchester. After moving between Oxford, Canterbury, Reykjavik, Cornwall and Coventry, she now lives in Dublin. She is the author of a prize-winning memoir and seven novels, the most recent of which is Summerwater.

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20 Mar 2021

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