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On Rejection: A workshop

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Being an artist or a writer means to long for connection with others and to be seen while also facing what sometimes may seem like constant rejection. Professional speaker and magician George Parker and writer and illustrator Inés G. Labarta have created a unique graphic novel-workbook on this particular issue. Their work explores why rejection feels so heart-breaking and how to transmute it into fuel for a creative career – rather than seeing it as an end point.
Come to this workshop delivered by Inés to work on different exercises – and even some magic – that will help you feel energised rather than stale in whichever creative enterprise you are pursuing.
Inés Gregori Labarta (Madrid, 1992) is a writer and illustrator based in the northwest of England. Inés writes in both English and Spanish, and her publications include a trilogy of novels, Los Pentasónicos (Edebé, 2008-2010) and the novellas McTavish Manor (Holland House, 2016) and Kabuki (Dairea, 2017). She has a Creative Writing PhD from Lancaster University, where she works as an associate lecturer. In 2018. Inés launched an on-line publication and podcast called The Wandering Bard (https://thewanderingbard.net) that features migrant artists and focuses on the connections between travelling and creativity. You can check her artwork and comic strips at @InesGLabarta on instagram.
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